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Construction sites are amongst the toughest environments to maintain and clean throughout the building phase. Construction sites can have a thousand workers on site at any one time and often include office space, restrooms, lunchrooms, change rooms, first aid rooms, meeting rooms, showers, on-site accommodation and much more.

We have dedicated teams who specialise in construction site cleaning and have a thorough understanding of the needs of the construction industry including site specific OH&S requirements. Our cleaning crews have white cards and wear appropriate clothing for building sites.

We have extensive experience in tailoring cleaning solutions for these construction facilities and can provide you with a cost-effective solution to your site cleaning needs.

Backam Group Site Solutions has years of experience within the construction industry. We provide cleaning services for building projects, shop fit-outs, and construction sites. We have a proven track record in providing flexible and efficient services to ensure that new building projects are cleaned during the construction, and that the vital project completion hand-over to your client is to the highest standard of presentation.

With ISO certified management systems for quality, workplace health, safety and environment, Backam Group Site Solutions is equipped to cater to the demands of any construction site from all tier levels.


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We specialise in Construction, Civil and Infrastructure sites, office fit-outs and initial & final build cleans.

Daily Construction Site Cleaning

Initial and final clean

Settlement Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

Labour Hire

Backam Group Site Solutions do not believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We develop a customise solution to our Clients project requirements. Our proven experience has shown that this approach to planning, assessing, developing and managing your cleaning needs will improve your overall results.

We pride ourselves on delivering
a high-quality service and ensuring
everything we do is to the
satisfaction of our customers.