It is important to acknowledge in a growing and diverse economy, many skills are not available in some areas or in the numbers required to deliver major projects. But at Backam Group, we always look to hire, train and develop the right people for your situation.

‘We help businesses manage peaks and troughs, providing you with a totally flexible workforce.’

Katie Moses
Managing Director

Katie Moses

Meet Katie, the powerhouse behind the spectacular rise of the Backam Group! With her heart set on her team, clients, and the overall business, she's made the company shine by valuing people above all else. Tackling every challenge with unwavering determination, she's transformed the mantra of Numbers Count into a legacy. Dare to be inspired as you come along for the ride on this magnificent voyage from the ground up!
Pioneering her way through a traditionally male-ruled realm, Katie's mission is to bolster women, forging their path to the pinnacle of success! Fuelled by the phenomenal women who once inspired her to shatter glass ceilings, she's laser-focused on championing ladies to leave their own legacy!

Katie loves her role at Backam Group for the positive impact it has on people's lives. She is proud to empower clients by providing incredible opportunities for their employees and energizing them towards success.

Regional Manager

Ben Hutchin

Ben Hutchin is the Business Development Manager and is the newest team member of Backam Group.
Ben prides himself on his ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders. He is a firm believer in mutual trust amongst people.

Ben’s most recent role is in sports management. Playing at state level for Basketball for the past few years, Ben has also been the Operations Manager for a regional basketball association. He brings valuable skills from his basketball background to his new role at Backam, and in addition to trust and relationship management, he is a big believer in collaboration and working together to a common goal.

Ben’s past roles in trade have given him an excellent insight into the industry and he strives to ensure that the right people, with the right skills, are in the right roles, doing the right things. He is a fully qualified trades person and has a lengthy history on the tools himself, so he understands all the needs of a business when it comes to staffing and reputation.

He believes every person is important and has value, which is why he was so attracted to the role at Backam Group, as he firmly believes that People Matter.

Long term success for Ben looks like a long-term team, working together side by side and gaining experience together. Ben will be working towards ensuring the Backam Group workforce see him and knows that he is beside them on the same team.

Having just as much respect for the lift operator as the site foreman, he’s here to disrupt the traditional ideals around labour hire. He wishes to create a mutual respectful relationship between employees, recruiters, and employers. Ben is looking forward to working with people with the same ideals.

OH&S is very important to Ben. His number one rule is that people need to get home to their family. His motto is: If you can’t get the job done safely, you can’t get the job done. It is not just onsite injuries he is concerned with. Ben sees the importance of industry wide education around mental health. He understands the importance of bringing down those social barriers to encourage open discussion on the subject.

Basketball is life for Ben, whether playing or coaching or watching his daughter play, most of his downtime is still taken up with being at the basketball courts. He loves being amongst a team and enjoying time spent with people who love their sport.

Bree Webb
Recruitment Manager

Bree Webb

With a decade of experience under her belt, Bree has become an expert in the recruitment realm, particularly in the Civil & Construction sectors. During her impressive seven-year tenure at Backam Group, she has built an exceptional understanding of the industry and its key players, allowing her to brilliantly anticipate her clients' staffing requirements. Bree's unwavering dedication to uncovering the ideal synergy between employer and employee is what truly sets her apart in the world of recruitment.

Experience the extraordinary impact of Bree's unparalleled expertise and compassionate recruiting style on your life journey. With her uncanny ability to pinpoint the precise talents needed by her clients, Bree is ready to steer you towards a transformative opportunity with the renowned Backam Group.

With Bree and her dedicated team at Backam Group, you're not just a number – you become part of a caring and empowering environment that cultivates success and lasting impact. Connect with Bree today, and let her passion and expertise reshape your future.

At Backam Group, Bree finds herself immersed in a nurturing, family-like environment. Her deep connections with employees and clients alike go beyond professional associations, forming the foundation of genuine friendships. As a key player in a thriving company, Bree envisions a bright future driving HR leadership within Backam Group. Meanwhile, her personal life is filled to the brim with the joys and challenges of parenting a lively toddler.

Mary Kubena
Financial Controller

Mary Kubena

Mary Kubena, our seasoned Financial Controller with over two decades of unwavering commitment to financial management and analysis excellence. With a proven track record in high-level positions, Mary's insights and strategic planning have led to substantial business achievements. Her expertise goes beyond numbers and reports; she embodies experience, insight, and forward-thinking.

But Mary's impact extends even further. Her holistic approach to financial leadership contributes to the performance, resilience, and agility of the businesses she serves. She is not only dedicated to her professional success but also finds joy in nurturing close-knit bonds with her family and friends. As an enthusiast of the culinary arts, she delights in exploring exceptional restaurants and indulging in exquisite dining experiences.

By joining Backam Group, Mary reinforces our commitment to delivering outstanding services. Her expertise enriches our organization's success and strengthens the financial acumen within our network. We are honoured to have Mary as a key part of our family—guiding our financial pathways with precision while nurturing growth with a human touch.

Experience the power of Mary's expertise and personal connections as part of Backam Group's dedication to excellence in recruitment and labour hire services.

Casey Parish
HSEQ Coordinator

Casey Parish

With a strong belief in the power of hard work and a commitment to excellence, Casey brings a dedicated and enthusiastic approach to her role.

Before joining us, Casey made her mark in the manufacturing industry as an Operational Manager. Her industrious nature and optimistic attitude made a significant impact on her team. Known for fostering a positive work environment, Casey's vibrant decor spreads joy to all those around her.

What sets Casey apart is her down-to-earth personality and her belief in earning success through hard work. As our HSEQ Coordinator, she plays a vital role in seamlessly integrating the highest standards of health, safety, environment, and quality into our operations.

Beyond work, family is at the heart of Casey's life. She devotes substantial time to her husband and two children, supporting their passions for BMX racing and dance with unwavering love and encouragement. This balance between work and family exemplifies Casey's virtuous character.

Although relatively new to Backam Group, Casey has quickly become an invaluable member of our team. Her alignment with our core values of nurturing talent and driving with integrity positions her as a respected figure within our organization. By combining quality expertise with a customer-oriented approach, she embodies the professional ethos that defines Backam Group's reputation for exceptional recruitment and labour hire services.

Tamara Watts
Admin Assistant

Tamara Watts

Meet Tamara , our Admin Assistant extraordinaire. With over 25 years of experience in retail management, Tamara seamlessly transitioned into the administrative world and has been thriving since May 2023.

Tamara's role at the Backam Group is crucial for smooth operations. From providing unwavering support to management, colleagues, and even clients and visitors, she excels in tasks such as answering phones professionally, organizing files, drafting impeccable communications, and coordinating productive meetings.

Her extensive background in retail management brings exceptional organizational skills and a customer-centric approach to her work. Tamara not only achieves professional success but also infuses freshness and vitality into our office culture.

Beyond the office walls, Tamara's zest for life extends to her love of travel. Hawaii holds a special place in her heart due to its vibrant landscapes and warm spirit—a reflection of her own adventurous nature.

In her free time, Tamara values moments spent with loved ones and her beloved furry companion. Whether chasing new challenges at work or enjoying quality time at home, she embodies the balance of ambition and personal fulfillment that we cherish at the Backam Group.

Tamara's story is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Her industry-specific expertise and customer-oriented approach ensure the highest quality of service. Join us at Backam Group and discover how professionals like Tamara can boost your business needs through our recruitment and labour hire services. We are dedicated to empowering your goals with a focus on quality, training, and client satisfaction.

Luke Carter
Business Development Manager

Luke Carter

With 8 years of experience as a business owner and a talent for building professional relationships, Luke brings valuable expertise to our team. He excels at aligning the right talents with the right roles and is the driving force behind our skilled staff.

But Luke's approach goes beyond transactions. He values excellence in staffing and prioritizes our company's reputation. He understands that employee quality directly impacts client satisfaction, which is why he spearheads initiatives to attract and retain top professionals in the industry.

Luke is also passionate about workplace equality and inclusivity. He believes that every team member, from lift operators to site foremen, plays an integral role in our success. This philosophy not only enhances collaboration but also raises the professional status of every individual at Backam.

Safety is not just a policy for Luke; it's a commitment. He ensures that each team member feels secure in their work environment and prioritizes health and well-being above all else.

Outside of work, Luke dedicates his spare time to coaching basketball. He applies his principles of teamwork and leadership both professionally and personally.

Luke's expertise in building trust, optimizing relationships, and prioritizing safety make him an invaluable asset to our team. We're thrilled to have a leader who is invested in client relations and deeply committed to the professional development and safety of our workforce.

Please join us in welcoming Luke Carter — a true embodiment of Backam Group's commitment to excellence in recruitment and labour hire services.

Jeelan Geraghty
Business Development Manager

Jeelan Geraghty

With two decades of experience in Recruitment, Business Development, Management and Customer Service, I have consistently navigated the dynamic landscapes of talent acquisition and company growth.

As a strategic thinker and adept negotiator, throughout my career I have developed my skills in leading teams and cultivating strong client relationships. I am able to successfully navigate through the different business challenges to drive growth and deliver exceptional customer service.

Lachlan Bishop
Business Development ACT

Lachlan Bishop

Lachlan's expertise lies in fostering business growth and delivering top-notch recruitment services. In line with Backam Group's commitment to quality and industry-specific knowledge, he goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional delivery of Labour Hire services.

Lachlan's professional philosophy revolves around establishing strong client relationships and fostering ongoing collaborations with our active clientele. With his innate understanding of the recruitment landscape, he crafts tailor-made solutions that drive our clients' success.

But Lachlan brings more than just business acumen to the table. As an active player for the Canberra Raiders SG Ball (U'19s), he demonstrates discipline and teamwork on the field, translating those qualities seamlessly into his role at Backam Group.

By combining his dynamic business skills with athletic collaboration, Lachlan exemplifies our commitment to excellence in specialized recruitment. Both clients and candidates benefit from his strategic mindset and unwavering dedication to going the extra mile.

At Backam Group, we are proud to have Lachlan leading our charge towards success. His passion for business engagement and personal challenges fuels his constant pursuit of excellence. With him at the helm of development, quality results are not just an expectation—they are guaranteed. Don't settle for less when you can have the best with Backam Group.

Recruitment Team Lead

Taylor Newcombe

Taylor Newcombe is a recent addition to the Backam Group team. Starting her role as Recruitment Resource in 2022, she connects with people on every level. Whether it be a director of a company or a labourer on site, Taylor builds professional relationships and communicates effectively to ensure every person that encounters Backam Group is valued and respected.

While she may be new to the company, her on-site experience in the construction industry and traffic control is extensive. It gives her a unique insight into what you need from your on-site employees to get the job done.
Don’t allow her youthful energy to misguide you. With maturity and a steady hand beyond her years, Taylor is ready to help her recruits identify and guide them towards the best course of action and training. To allow their career to reach new heights. Taylor understands what is required of employees within the clients’ work specifications and environment. Guiding recruits throughout their first day and for their future placements, Taylor ensures they know that their careers have value not just for them personally but within the organisation and the industry.

At the client level, Taylor has the experience and understanding to place the right person in the right position. She works with the client and the employee to ensure they fit, to create an on-site team that is cohesive and skilled.

This understanding comes from having worked in Traffic Control and construction for over 3 years. She has gained many relevant qualifications, including Traffic Control Design. Taylor will utilise these skills alongside management to grow and further her career as a valued member of Backam Group.

Yet, this deep connection with construction goes beyond her career. It extends back to her childhood days. Taylor would spend weekends with her father in his role as an earthwork’s foreman, who would take her along to work to learn the ropes. Her love for being on site and the people involved is not just the result of her career choices, but something that was ingrained in her from her own family values.

A key characteristic evident in working with Backam Group is the championing of women in the workforce. From the moment Taylor started with Backam Group she felt elevated by her fellow co-workers and her leaders, who are actively mentoring Taylor and her counterparts to become the best versions of themselves. This sense of community, family & self-value is important to Taylor, and transcends to her hires, as she aims to help them be their best self.

Taylor has a full life outside of Backam Group, preparing for her upcoming nuptials and aiming to spend more quality time with her family. She is an animal lover, having done vet nursing before her traffic control days. Most of her days off she is looking after her pets at home. Having a gun licence, she is an avid shooter; Taylor loves getting outdoors and adventuring to lookouts and scenic areas.

Recruitment Consultant

Sharlene Adams

Sharlene has recently joined the team at Backam Group. Having spent the past 7 years as a Teacher, Sharlene has always had a caring nature, and passion for helping people. Since commencing her role in December 2022, Sharlene has adapted to her new role and developed a strong rapport with both her clients and candidates.

Recruiting offers Sharlene the fresh challenge she was seeking in the workplace. There are never two alike days. From conducting interviews with candidates, to going on site visits, or communicating with clients and co-workers. She has a strong foundation for dealing with clients and employees because she has experience developing relationships with people from her many walks of life.

Sharlene implements her strong interpersonal skills; Verbal communication, Non-verbal Communication and Listening Skills to work through any problems that may arise on a day-to-day basis and develops possible solutions to navigate through these issues.

Sharlene is prepared to assist her recruits in determining the best course of action and training for them to allow them to advance their careers. Sharlene is aware of what is expected of employees in the work environment and specifications set out by the clients. She ensures that recruits understand the value of their careers not just for themselves personally but also for the organisation and the industry.

Sharlene offers the expertise and knowledge to match the appropriate candidate with the best fitting role within the client’s company. She works with the customer requirements and the candidate to make sure they mesh well, forming a competent and cohesive on-site team.

Health, fitness, and family are a big part of Sharlene’s lifestyle outside the office, as well as being outside and near the water. When she is not working, she is at the gym, or exploring new areas, as she is a lover of life and enjoys the simple things.