In May 2017 the federal government committed $20 billion to developing Australia’s rail network. That means significant growth ahead for short-term rail projects and long-term career opportunities around the country.

It makes sense to work with a recruiter that understand the intricacies of the rail sector and has established networks to source, secure and maintain highly skilled and specialised project teams and career professionals.

Backam Group has recruited for rail clients for many years. Benefit from working with a provider that has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Roles We Can Deliver

  • Cert II Skilled Track Workers
  • Plant Operators
  • Trades Assistants
  • Welding Crews
  • Protection Officers
  • Track Certifiers
  • Track Inspectors
  • Track Maintainers
  • Hand Signaller
  • Safe Working
  • MR/HR Drivers