Quality Policy

Backam Group is committed to ensuring our business establishes vigorous systems to improve our services, drive efficiency and meet the objectives of the organisation.

Backam Group aim is to focus on Quality by listening to our Customers requirements, to hear their complaints if we do not perform the way they would like and to use this information to keep improving our Quality output.

This Quality Policy is supported at all Organisational levels and its effective improvement may be contributed to by any of our personnel.

Quality System
In putting together our Quality Management System we have been conscious of the importance of the documents included in it as they are our means to control our processes. Our documentation has been planned to meet the needs of various users of the system, including all our personnel, clients and other outside organisations affected by our activities.

The Procedures
Backam Group have prepared System Procedures to manage our Quality System processes.

Backam Group manages the way we sell and perform our services, review all Contracts and Orders in line with our procedures, to assure our capacity to perform the requirements of our clients, keep our equipment in good order, identify nonconforming incidents and take corrective action to eliminate the root cause of the errors, and various other related activities, by documenting these process controls in Standard Operating Procedures.

The Procedures are prepared, structured, identified, approved and issued according to the requirements of the written System Procedures.

Backam Group also are able to offer our Clients quite personalised documentation for evidence of the quality practices, allocation of resources and sequence of activities that relate to any particular Contract, Project or Process.

Backam Group continually monitors our operations through Internal Quality Auditing, Management Review and our Corrective and preventive action processes. Training requirements have been brought into focus and Records of our review processes are kept, all within our Quality System.

Each of the Management Reviews is preceded by an internal systems audit. The internal audit reports are included and examined at the review.