Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Backam Group’s vision is to be a leader in recruitment services without injury. We believe everyone can make a difference and reduce harm.

Backam Group recognises Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of its business and its Clients business. We believe that safety starts with the individual and that all employees through behaviours and actions can make a difference and reduce harm in the workplace.

We strive to continually improve our safety processes and manage the effectiveness of that change through communication, monitoring activities and recognising opportunities to implement change.

We are committed to achieving this by:

  • Making safety our first priority
  • Supporting the Health & Safety of our client’s employees
  • Regarding compliance with health & safety legislation as our minimum standard and;
  • Continually improving our safety processes and procedures
  • Implementing a risk management approach to identifying and controlling workplace hazards
  • Ensuring all employees and management receive safety training that is relevant and current

The Management team at Backam Group:

  • Committed to creating a working environment that fosters a culture that puts safety as their first business objective
  • Establishes and monitors health and safety objectives
  • Provides adequate resources to achieve these goals
  • Ensure OHS consultation and communication is conducted with key stakeholders
  • Ensures Anderson Recruitment & Training achieves industry best safety standards

Backam Group encourage our field employees to be active and engaging in changes to workplace safety. We expect that our field employees will work towards our zero-harm goal by reducing risk and hazards and enhancing their safety performance at our Client sites.

We expect all employees take responsibilities for their actions, report unsafe acts and conditions and behave in a manner that reflects safe work practices.