Environmental Policy

Backam Group Acknowledge that environmental management is an integral component of our responsibility to our clients, employees and the community.

Backam Group is a Labour hire Company and provides skilled contract labour to clients.  The following statement of our Environmental policy aims to emphasise our commitment to our clients to ensure theirs and our environmental obligations and requirements are fully implemented at all times. 

Backam Group,as a responsible employer and provider of services will:

  • Operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and standards as well as our, and or client applicable, procedures.
  • Ensure all workers, subcontractors understand, implement and comply with the objectives of this policy in their day to day work activities
  • Provide appropriate support and resources to promote environmental awareness, and responsibilities with all Backam Group workers and ensure they are included in training programmes throughout the company
  • Establish processes to identify and assess the environmental risks and impacts of our work activities prior to undertaking the work and implement environmental management plans and appropriate procedures to manage potential risks.
  • Regularly review our environmental performance then identify and implement opportunities for improvement to our activities to minimise disturbance and adverse affects on the environment including land, air, water, fauna and flora
  • Report and record environmental incidents and non-compliance situations and initiate remedial actions to improve performance rectify damage and prevent recurrent incidents. Respond promptly to any emergency situation causing adverse environmental impacts
  • Promote reduction in the consumption of all materials and minimisation of waste, whilst encouraging reuse and recycling wherever possible
  • At all times be a good neighbour through open relationships with public authorities, the private sector and the community as a whole
  • Continually strive to prevent pollution and reduce the level of harmful emissions through our undertakings.
  • Dispose of waste properly